The Second City

Spring Thaw

The gardener

Walter sat in the car in front of where the liquor store once stood.  Construction crews had been at work clearing the rubble and restoring the streets to working order.  It had been almost a month.  

Nearly every night Walter came to the park despite Penny's insistence that there would be no change, none of them would be allowed to enter ever again.  It wasn't even an allowance, they were all physically incapable of crossing through the gate and entering.  The one and only time he tried Walter felt a force so strong press down upon him that he was driven down to his hands and knees.  It was several days before he felt like himself again after that ordeal.  Since then he had been more careful.

He sat in the car with Jason and Penny while they waited for Luke to return.  They had spent many nights going through and cataloging the books they brought out from the precinct and they took this opportunity to read through new texts.  It had become somewhat of a ritual for the three of them.  A mantra of sorts.  Drive to the park, read while waiting for Luke to return, leave in disappointment as they continued to fail to find what they were seeking.  Perhaps tonight would be different.  It was doubtful but one could hope.  

On they read.  Bringing up an interesting point here and there to the others.  The intense circumstances drove them together in the beginning, but now things were calm, things weren't forced.  The last month had done much to solidify their relationship.  They were growing closer…well, Walter was growing closer.  He frowned at that wondering if the others felt the same.  It seemed to him that Jason was thriving in his short time spent with the Carthians.  It would serve him well.  Penny also seemed to be more comfortable with her place in this new world.  Her skin not quite so uncomfortable.  Walter shook his head in mild disbelief.  If he was told this is where he would have ended up he wouldn't have believed it.  Hell he still had trouble believing it.  

The car door opened and Luke climbed into the back seats with them.  Walter realized Penny and Jason had been chatting about something, probably someone from one of the books.  He looked up expectantly to Luke, hopeful.  "Did you fine one?" he asked as he had every night before.  

Opening up his bag Luke replied, "I've got a couple in here.  They were all pretty close to the tree and just starting to sprout."  Luke handed the bag over to Jason to have him inspect the contents.  "Did I find them?", he asked.

jason dialogue about using the sight and OMG it's the TREE!!!!!


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