The Second City

June Invasion

On June 6th, 2017, a massive offensive was launched by Sabbat forces against the residents of the city of Chicago. To conceal their efforts to the mortal world, they were disguised as biker and street gangs engaging in criminal turf wars. The June Invasion lasted days and many prominent kindred are believed to have met their end. 

The offensive allegedly resulted in the deaths of Archbishop Solomon Birch, Edgar Drummond (Known as The Railroad Regent), Cedric Calhoun, Joseph Peterson, Brennan Thornhill, Gordon Keaton, Hank Cave, Neil "Karl" Graham, Sir Ben Smith, and Norris Kleinspiegel. In response to the attack, the Lancea Sanctum and the Carthian Movement formed a defense alliance spearheaded by Cedric Calhoun whom was killed two nights later at the negotiation table with the Sabbat. The invasion was also a major blow to the Masquerade as law enforcement and local gangs became suspicious of the increased violent activity in the city. On the third day of violence, the Sabbat forces had made a push into the Loop, but were eventually beaten back, but at great cost. The Sabbat of O'Hare were said to have compromised the domain of House O'Leary, whom have since gone into hiding and have been out of communication with the rest of the city. In the aftermath of the attack and the death of prince Maxwell Clarke, many claims to praxis have been made. Most notably are Horatio Ballard, Modious, Cort Granger, and Lord Tyrus Burland, with former seneschal Garret McClain claiming pro tempore rule while Maxwell's adherents await hes speculated return. Other citizens of Chicago have taken their own measures to ensure security and defense from future incursions. One such citizen is Bobby Quinn whom formed an alliance with local Werewolf packs after they too became targets of the Sabbat. Once of the largest battles fought was at Midway Airport, domain of Julie Walsh, where the Masquerade suffered a massive breach. Multiple photographs with evidence of the supernatural nature of the battle and open acts of feeding were posted to social media. Video of kindred turning to ash during the battle were shown on a local news station and Mortal society became briefly aware until all news reports and posts were squelched by the CIA. The Jefferson Park Collective, posing anonymously as a super hacker named Twilight, released a dossier covering underground medical research and top secret urban weapons testing in Chicago that managed to deflect scrutiny just enough to preserve the Masquerade.

Investigations during the aftermath of the June Invasion show the Sabbat attacked centers of Kindred society, such as the Discarded Image, The Succubus Club, The Clark Street Rack, and Midway Airport as well as numerous domains. The coordinated and targeted nature of these attacks has been held as proof that the Sabbat has vast knowledge of the workings of society in Chicago. Multiple independent investigators have speculated that many supposed Anarch and unaligned kindred coming into the city in recent months have actually been Sabbat spies and sleeper agents collecting information and awaiting the signal to strike.

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Spring Thaw
The gardener

Walter sat in the car in front of where the liquor store once stood.  Construction crews had been at work clearing the rubble and restoring the streets to working order.  It had been almost a month.  

Nearly every night Walter came to the park despite Penny's insistence that there would be no change, none of them would be allowed to enter ever again.  It wasn't even an allowance, they were all physically incapable of crossing through the gate and entering.  The one and only time he tried Walter felt a force so strong press down upon him that he was driven down to his hands and knees.  It was several days before he felt like himself again after that ordeal.  Since then he had been more careful.

He sat in the car with Jason and Penny while they waited for Luke to return.  They had spent many nights going through and cataloging the books they brought out from the precinct and they took this opportunity to read through new texts.  It had become somewhat of a ritual for the three of them.  A mantra of sorts.  Drive to the park, read while waiting for Luke to return, leave in disappointment as they continued to fail to find what they were seeking.  Perhaps tonight would be different.  It was doubtful but one could hope.  

On they read.  Bringing up an interesting point here and there to the others.  The intense circumstances drove them together in the beginning, but now things were calm, things weren't forced.  The last month had done much to solidify their relationship.  They were growing closer…well, Walter was growing closer.  He frowned at that wondering if the others felt the same.  It seemed to him that Jason was thriving in his short time spent with the Carthians.  It would serve him well.  Penny also seemed to be more comfortable with her place in this new world.  Her skin not quite so uncomfortable.  Walter shook his head in mild disbelief.  If he was told this is where he would have ended up he wouldn't have believed it.  Hell he still had trouble believing it.  

The car door opened and Luke climbed into the back seats with them.  Walter realized Penny and Jason had been chatting about something, probably someone from one of the books.  He looked up expectantly to Luke, hopeful.  "Did you fine one?" he asked as he had every night before.  

Opening up his bag Luke replied, "I've got a couple in here.  They were all pretty close to the tree and just starting to sprout."  Luke handed the bag over to Jason to have him inspect the contents.  "Did I find them?", he asked.

jason dialogue about using the sight and OMG it's the TREE!!!!!

Murders on the Force

A Chicago police officer was indicted today on murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting last January of fellow officer Horace Cain, according to prosecutors.  

Officer Moore, of the 8th police precinct, was charged with first-degree murder and because of the scope of the investigation Cook County State's Attorney Kimberly M. Foxx has taken on the case personally.  

Kimberly M. Foxx is the first African American woman to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office – the second largest prosecutor’s office in the country. Kim took office on December 1, 2016 with a vision for transforming the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office into a fairer, more forward-thinking agency focused on rebuilding the public trust, promoting transparency, and being proactive in making all communities safe.

Chief Pontecore stated that after a full investigation Officer Cain's widow, Abigale and daughter would be entitled to his survivor benefits once the previous charges were cleared.

The family said it is hopeful that Moore will be convicted.

"No charges can bring back our Horace," the family's statement reads.  "However, justice demands accountability for those responsible, and today's actions reflect that."

The Schism
Barnaby's rememberance

Barnaby turned away, unsure if they would finish what was started. In part he didn’t care. The creature had taken something from him. Something that had caused him to fracture. He needed some time to think. To properly think.

As he walked it was all he could do to keep his beast from surging forth and unleashing on those he passed. The hole in his shirt only served to heighten that urge. He would need a substantial amount of sustenance to nurse his wounds and still have the strength to rise in the morning. Barnaby’s thoughts carried him forward in a stupor. He gave no thought to where he was walking nor the route he was taking.

Looking up his feet slowly stopped his momentum. If his throat wasn’t already dry surely the sight before him would have sapped any moisture that could have been there from his mouth. Was it a week ago that he stood in this exact spot looking up at this green awning with white letters. Greenburg’s grocery… The memory that stopped him before was one of familiarity and faint recognition. Now it was much more personal. How could he have forgotten this…or was this all part of the lie. Jason all but admitted he had been in league with Alder Harper this whole time…Could Penny be tied to them also? Was this all just a ploy from the beginning. He couldn’t trust his own thoughts and far off memories seemed to tumble through his brain like rocks down the side of a mountain.

He walked to the back of the building and climbed up the fire escape to the second floor. Looking down the alley and finding it to be empty Barnaby picked up a potted plant and broke the top section of window. Making short work of the lock he climbed in the now open window and looked around what he assumed was Isaac’s office. Everything was almost exactly as it was the last time they were together those many years ago. It was as if the office was picked up and transported halfway across the Americas. Somehow that both brought him comfort and disturbed him at the same time. Unsure of what he was looking for he left the office and moved down the hall. The door at the end was slightly ajar and a gentle touch swung it open. Barnaby stepped into the room and as he turned to take it in he froze. The chest was only about 2 feet long and half again as wide, but it seemed to take up the entirety of the room. He dared to take a step, unsure if his legs would fail him. A second step nearly as shaky as the first brought him to the dresser the chest rested upon. Barnaby froze, hands resting on the lid. He was unsure if what he was seeing was real.

Trembling he carefully lifted the lid, if the dream took this moment to shatter it would break him. Reaching inside he reverently removed the contents, an old rolled up piece of leather. He held the edge and let the bundle unroll into his hand. It was smooth to the touch and seemed well oiled. Barnaby found the motion comforting and almost familiar. He closed his eyes feeling the leather slide across his fingers. When was the last time I truly felt anything he thought?

Almost as if by rote memory Barnaby closed his hand as something heavy dropped into it. Was this really happening? What did this really mean? Barnaby opened his eyes and was bombarded by memories for the second time that night. The emotion was so strong that he could feel the beast surge, urging to be free and right all the wrongs that had been visited upon him. Staring at the old hammer he remembered, but more importantly he believed. He was Walter Helier, those from Kent called him Wat Tyler, and once again justice would prevail.



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